domingo, 27 de agosto de 2023

Perspectivas Creativas

  Libritos oníricos para la composición creativa. En su interior se esconden diseños orgánicos combinables entre sí al plegar sus páginas. Cada libro es un universo único cuyo límite es la imaginación. 

Cinco libritos de mixed media (tela, arcilla polimérica, papel y cartón) con unas dimensiones de 16x16cm más una pequeña encuadernación tipo caja para guardarlos de 17,5 x 17,5 cm de cartón junto a un tirador de arcilla polimérica. Todo hecho a mano y destinado a la nueva temporada de clases que darán comienzo después del verano en Madrid.

Video en Youtube 



Dreamlike booklets for creative composition. Inside are hidden organic designs that can be combined with each other by folding their pages. Each book is a unique universe whose limit is the imagination. 

Five little books of mixed media (fabric, polymer clay, paper and cardboard) with dimensions of 16x16cm plus a small 17,5 x 17,5 cm cardboard box-like binding to keep them together with a polymer clay handle. All handmade and destined for the new season of classes that will begin after the summer in Madrid.

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miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2023

Vacaciones 2023

  As you may have already noticed I have been absent for the last few weeks because I have been resting .

My husband and I escaped to the north of Spain, to Navarra, specifically to the French Pyrenees . 

There we have been able to enjoy a less hot and dry temperature than in Madrid and beautiful landscapes. We were doing very varied routes for 20 days (a total of 240km) throughout the area, visiting caves and natural places full of charm. We love hiking. And although it is sometimes a bit hard, it is worth it for the incredible landscapes. The weather was very cool, with some rain and fog.

I have returned with my batteries recharged and with lots of ideas and inspiration for new projects that I hope to share very pronto

I leave you some images of my vacation 

See you soon!❤



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